MMK: Stroller Bag

Date posted on March 11, 2017

Directed by Raz de la Torre
Starring Erich Gonzales, Geoff Eigenmann
2017 March  11

Society’s judgment can be more crippling than the mistakes we make in life.

When Vin-zl became a mother at 17, what disappointed her more than having her future plans interrupted by the unexpected pregnancy was the knowledge that she was repeating the same mistakes made by her mother and sister. No one was harder on her than Vin-zl herself, but she also refused to equate her teenage pregnancy to failure. So instead of treating her love child like a scarlet letter, she took her daughter to college – literally.

But the world is harsh on young, unwed mothers like Vin-zl. Can she prevent society’s judgment and reduced expectations from becoming prophecies?