MMK: Longboard

Date posted on June 21, 2014

Post-Father’s Day Episode

Starring Jairus Aquino, Zoren Legaspi, Assunta de Rossi
ABS-CBN – Maalaala Mo Kaya / HD / approx. 60 mins / Television Anthology Episode
21 June 2014

We often struggle to justify to our parents the choices that we make for ourselves, especially in our youth. While we trust that they want nothing but the best for us, sometimes, our heart urges us to pursue dreams outside the conventions.

When young Dandoy, earnestly played by Jairus Aquino, first felt the stoke from riding a skimboard, then later on, the longboard, he knew that it was where he belonged. Can his father Bibi, played by Zoren Legaspi, be faulted for denying the boy his support, when this interest has led Dandoy to turn his back on education?

Whose dreams must prevail?

Bibi disapproves of Dandoy's Longboard

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