MMK: Kahon

Date posted on May 7, 2016


Starring Nora Aunor, Joel Torre
ABS-CBN – Maalaala Mo Kaya / HD / approx. 60 mins / Television Anthology Episode
2016 May 07

What is left of a mother who, after devoting all her waking hours to her children, finds them all dying one after the other? How do you find reason to live when all your life has been about being a mother to these children God has now chosen to take back from you?

Yolly and Nick both want nothing more than to start a happy family. But when their first child is born with Down Syndrome, they realize it will demand so much more from them as parents.

Yolly takes on the responsibility whole heartedly, but still reels when her second child is also born with special needs, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy. She gives birth to a third child, also with Cerebral Palsy, and though her fourth child is of normal health, her fifth and youngest child Hazel is also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

This is my third Mother’s Day episode for MMK. I’ve always been proud of my episodes about motherhood, but this year is extra special because of the awesome, heartbreaking journey of Yolly as a mother…

Because it is our veteran researcher Akeem’s first ever teleplay credit…

And because Yolly will be portrayed by no less than the Superstar, Miss Nora Aunor. It doesn’t get any better than this.