MMK: Class Card

Date posted on March 21, 2015


Starring Francis Magundayao, Angel Aquino
ABS-CBN – Maalaala Mo Kaya / HD / approx. 60 mins / Television Anthology Episode
2015 March 21

There is a fan in all of us. But Francis is no ordinary fan.

At least not based on most people’s biases, including mine. He comes from a loving home. He is an academic achiever and studies in the country’s premiere state university.

Francis is not an ordinary fan also because he takes his fanaticism to unbelievable levels that, for most of us, only affirms why the fan culture so alien and beneath us. Francis’ devotion to his showbiz idols eventually leads him to weave complicated lies that only take him further away from genuine fulfillment. It is these mistakes and bad decisions that eventually starts his journey to self-discovery. Now isn’t that story true for every one of us?

There is a fan in all of us, and there is a real, human journey in every Dakilang Fan.