MMK: Bahay (The Maymay Entrata Story)

Date posted on March 25, 2017

Directed by Raz de la Torre
Starring Maymay Entrata, Vina Morales, Dante Rivero
2017 March 25

Showbizness has always been about the beautiful and talented. But today’s landscape, with reality television and realtime audience feedback via SMS and social media, has made the entertainment industry the Mecca for the everyday dreamer.

This is who Maymay Entrata is. She represents the ordinary Filipino who dreams.

To dream and then make it in showbizness is by itself no longer extraordinary. But it is another thing to be a winner. And that’s what makes Maymay truly special. She is a winner, but not in the way most people probably think, having won Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7.

Maymay is a winner of hearts.