Date posted on December 15, 2011

Below is a copy of the Cinema Evaluation Board’s comments when it granted our film “Grade B,” which entitles movie companies a 65% rebate on the amusement tax levied on their productions.

Film Development Council of the Philippines
Summation of CEB members’ comments on
Grade: B
ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. / Viva Communications, Inc.

WON’T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU is yet another light and fluffy youth romance film starring Sarah Geronimo for the Star-Viva partnership. It garners a ‘B’ nevertheless despite “the very thin storyline” because newbie Director Raz Dela Torre successfully and deftly delivers an interesting, entertaining and charming film.

Dela Torre’s direction is “competent and adequately confident for a new director; he has good pacing and he has respectful treatment of the individual capabilities of his cast.” “Despite the simple, almost simplistic material, the Director is able to pull it off.” The movie is “very well done; the comedy flows freely and nicely.”

“The story, while formulaic, has that cheery, youthful appeal and the characters are realistic enough.” The family of the pa-forma father Pablo (perfectly played by the engaging Joey de Leon), abandoned by his wife, is such a refreshing change from the picture-perfect families other scriptwriters might be tempted to create. Pablo’s “rocker” persona and his ability to bond with his three daughters are notable.

Screenplay is “good, with creative and resourceful handling of essentially soap opera material.” The characters of George, Pablo and DJ Ram are endearing and very believable.

Editing is “brisk and emphatic without being annoyingly so.” The film has “good pacing, but some scenes seem to be telegraphed” while other scenes could have been shorter. The cinematography and production design are good and “glossy as usual.” The musical score is “very intrusive in a lot of parts.” The music, “though effective, calls attention to itself.” The sound is “very competently done and properly disciplined, though the dubbing in some parts could have been more accurate.”

“The principal cast is very good; they are true to the characters they are playing.” While some Board members wrote that there is “strong chemistry” between the two leads, it is Sarah Geronimo who gets the praises from the Board.

Here are the comments about her: “Sarah is cute and convincing.” “Sarah continues to impress with her fresh, bubbly performance; she fits her character to a ‘T.’ “ “Sarah is an effective actor; you can see the emotions clearly on her face — sans dialogue — whether she is anxious, joyful, thrilled, tormented, anticipating or in pain.” In this film, “Sarah is as cooky as Goldie Hawn and as winsome as Meg Ryan. As an actress and comedienne, she has improved a 110%!”

However, having said all that, the reviewers thought that Sarah can leave behind her usual cute and perky characters. She might be typecast in this role forever. She’s been there and done that so many times before. But since this is a formula that has won for her and her producers a number of box office hits in the past, perhaps her studios are reluctant to break the mold and make her tackle meatier roles. “Sarah is good, but she should be given more challenging roles.” “Sarah is effortless and delightful as DJ Heidi/ George but there is the danger that she may outgrow these roles soon.”

Then, there is great support from John Lapus and Joey de Leon. “John Lapus is very effective and his quiet moments show his sensitive feel for the role.” “John is restrained here and is different from his previous films.” Meanwhile, “Joey de Leon is a joy to watch.” “Joey is perfect for the role.”  “Sarah, Joey and John keep the movie afloat.”

Finally, the following are more comments about the film:
“It is a kilig film, so the main actors try to be cute.”
“The film is juvenile but fun.”
“The film is a light hearted romance best when not shown in February because it is
less self-conscious.”
“It’s so light, I’m floating…it shows an unpretentious depiction of people falling in
“The direction is surprisingly impressive, considering the director is practically
“There is the novel use of behind-the scenes radio drama segueing into a reality show
in real time.”
“The plot is hackneyed…what could have been a commentary on reality radio turns
into a run-of-the-mill comedy.”
“Excellent climax that highlight the power of radio!”
“Film’s ending and the play-up of the Pinoy’s amusing penchant as usiseros are much