The Way theCouncil Loves

Date posted on May 20, 2007

hat follows is a text exchange among theCouncil barkada after our despedida dinner for Kristel and Forsyth. Something that I’d like to think is a testament to our friendship.

“Council, thanks 4 tonight. Ang pangit ko ksi wen i got h0me naiyak ako. I realized… dat we are at a crossroad wer our life choices take us in different directi0ns…dat this myt b d last tym,or 1 of d rare tyms, dat we hav d freedom todrink 300-peso beers or have 3am coffee together…dat im so thankful for d past 10 years of having u in my life…and watevr d next 10 yrs wud be, i knw ul b ther, in body or in spirit, 2 make it as crazy,noisy, and surprising as it has always been. Yun lang. Senti moment over. Ang masasabi ko lang… “Tang-ina ang cute nya talaga!” And that is d end of that chapter. Ü”

“Lex, iba ang effect ng cherry beer sayo.Ü but seriously, we’ll always be crazy and happy together. The council members arent my friends. You’re family. You’re home. And people always go back to that. Ü i love u all. And please dont get used to being without me.Ü”

“HAHAHAHA… I love that. I agree Lexie. I’m so tired but I spent the whole drive home staring out the window, playing in my head different scenarios that would make things different. But it’s inescapable. Not naman ominous, just a matter of fact. Teta, you asked before why I never made kulit about Bali. As much as I hate it that we won’t be complete, it’s so negligible and not even half as tragic as you being gone. We are growing older nga. It’s been a great decade with you. Not that it’s ending we just have to adaf with the times, learn to share the crazy and happy times from overseas. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!”

“Amen, Raz. I LOVE U GUYS. Forevr. Period. No pickle-mindedness ther. (obviously,jean isnt included in dis txt blast.Bt i lover her too!ü -Evil Lexie signing out)”

“Im gna miss u real bad. That msg was so sad and sweet. I swear im gna burst on tuesday.”

That Tuesday, the night Kristel left, after we made her believe Lex and I were going to send her off and surprised her when we showed up with Concep, Jean and Joni as well…

“U guys are unbelievable. Thank you! THANK YOU. For tonight, for ten yrs and twenty and thirty. I love u and miss u all so much. You are the best. All 7 of u.Ü”

“Jst left d airport.She came out pa and spnt 15mins mor wd us.Ü Thanks 2 d council 4 d heartwarming snd off.Ü i love d way u love each othr.B blessed evn mor.Ü”

I do love the way we love each other. That’s why it really pains me to have two more of the barkada leave (Mark has been living in Indonesia for more than two years now, Kristel just left for Chicago last May 15, and Forsyth’s relocating to Cebu starting May 28). Only five of us will be left in Manila by June.

It’s a good thing we love each other in such a way that distance in time and space is not made to matter much.