Date posted on July 11, 2007

I woke up Tuesday afternoon unable to open my right eye. It was like it was glued shut, and all attempts to open it only caused more pain. I immediately suspected a scratch in my cornea. I went to the bathroom and rinsed my eye clean. I managed to open eventually and keeping it opened was just as painful as when it was closed. It was bloodshot but there was no visible scratch or infection. I was worried it might lead to further complication, especially since my dog, Mutt Li, almost lost his sight recently because of an infection in his right eye. Like master, like hound!

After a phone call to my Mom and tita, I had the driver bring me all the way to Muntinlupa (from my Quezon City home) for an appointment with my Mom’s eye doctor. It was already 5:30 in the afternoon. I had to rush to make it by 6PM. Throughout the ride, I had to keep my eyes closed to ease the pain. Keeping only the right eye closed would’ve been enough, but having one eye abnormally closed and the other open, and sustaining it, only gave me a headache.

I met my mom at the lobby of the Muntinlupa Medical Center. Upon seeing me, she quickly offered her diagnosis. “Sore eyes lang yan!”

My Mom likes doing that, and it never fails to annoy me. Whenever I have a head ache, a muscle pain, or even a sprain, she has this habit of offering her services, proclaiming herself a good “hilot” and believing she can take the place of a legit chiropractor. I’d indulge her of course. I usually feel a little better, but the feeling of being pooh-poohed prevails. Then there are those times when she would offer me seafood, and I’d have to constantly remind her of my allergy. Her ready response would always be, “Unti-untiin mo kasi, kaya di nawawala yan e.” Like it was that simple e, no? Like hives breaking out and constricting air passages were that easy to ignore.

As soon as we got to the doctor, my Mom told him about the pain in my eye. Of course, she also offered her personal assessment. “Sabi ko nga, sore eyes lang yan e.” The doctor saying that it is indeed prevalent this season only encouraged her. When it finally occurred to them to ask me, the patient, I told him of how I woke up with the pain in my right eye, the redness that had subsided, and the persisting pain in my eye. He made me sit on this contraption and he looked at my eye up close.

After the check up, he said that there was indeed, a scratch in my eye. He put an ointment in my eye and asked me to keep it closed as he taped a bandage over it. I was to keep the eye patch on for 24 hours. He also prescribed two eye drops to be instilled for one week. I still don’t know how I scratched my cornea in my sleep. I’m just glad it’s nothing worse than a scratch. (Call me king of freak. Pus in my throat, hole in my shin, and now, a scratch in my eye! Typical Raz.)

Of course, like an itch that needed scratching, I wasn’t able to resist the opportunity to tell my mom “I told you so.” She graciously acknowledged her error in front of the doctor naman. “Tama lang pala talaga na pinilit niyang magpatingin, ano, doc?” Haha! Vindicated! That’ll teach her not to downplay her son’s complaints!

I’ve taken the eye patch off, and it’s not as painful as it was the first day. No more cause for worry. I was just disappointed I was not made to wear the typical eye patch pirates wore. It would’ve been cool to have an excuse to go around town with one. Have that itch scratched. Haha!