Panalo Na Naman!

Date posted on April 15, 2007

Yesterday was the fourth Pacquiao fight I’ve followed, at panalo na naman!I watched the fight in Batangas, during the blessing of our house in Lipa. The celebration was interrupted when the male attendees and a handful of the f

emales flocked in front of the television to watch Manny bring down Jorge Solis. Another Mexican thrown in the heap of Pacman’s conquests.At first, Solis’s unbeaten record intimidated me. But after the first round, I was confident enough to bet on which round Manny might knock out Solis. Jean bet on the seventh after I gambled on the sixth. We agreed that the winner was to be treated to an ice cream from Cold Rock.

None of us won, as Manny ended the fight on the eigth round.

I’m not one to sour grape over losing out on a Cold Rock cup, but what really irked me was the outcome’s preemption. Like Manny’s second bout against Morales, I received news of his victory even before the fight was over (on television, as I was watching it on free TV). Unlike before though, none of my friends sent the spoiler over text. I guess they’ve learned courtesy and restrained themselves. This time, it my mom’s friend’s driver who eagerly told me and Jean that the fight was to end on the eighth.

Jean rolled her eyes and I gritted my teeth in frustration.It didn’t help that Pacquiao wasn’t the showman he usually is. The first few rounds were spent leisurely as he sized up the much taller Solis. Pacquiao obviously struggled in getting through Solis’s far reach. It kept him at bay effectively that even I thought a knock out might be improbable. Pacquiao waited until a headbutt on the sixth round filled his eyes with blood before turning up the heat. Soon, the Manny we knew checked in, sending Solis down on the canvass for the first time on the eighth round. More than a minute before the bell rang, Solis was down on the floor once again and the fight was officially over.

Despite the disappointments, it was still a hearty victory for Manny and the rest of his Kabayans. He remains to be one of the best Boxing icons the world. More importantly, he continues to be among the most inspiring Filipinos of this generation.

Congratulations Manny! Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!