Norman’s Housewarming

Date posted on April 18, 2007

Norman had a belated housewarming party at his condo. It was more than half-a-year late.

I almost didn’t make it as I came from another party with my barkada.

Norman revealed that the reason he’s having this party despite the fact that he was planning on eventually moving to a cheaper place is because he just got a roommate. It was sort of imposed on him by his neighbors. This guy, who used to rent a room above Norman’s, got evicted and was in urgent need of a new place to stay. The neighbors volunteered Norman, knowing full well that he had his place all to himself.

In a last ditch effort to lay claim to his personal space, Norms threw a party. He may not be able to host one once his roommate moves in, after all.

Interesting how we require certain stimuli before doing what needs to be done. It’s not like we don’t know what must be done. We just love procrastinating until we’re backed into a corner with all other choices eliminated. So now, Norman’s place is clean, livable, and broken in… as if prepped solely for the purpose of welcoming his new roommate. At least he got to own it for one night 🙂