Date posted on February 1, 2009

In eighteen years. EIGHTEEN YEARS!

An extreme weather event.

Where I live, it’s -3ºC here in Maida Vale. Generally 1º in Central London. Winds up to 9mph.

All bus services are suspended. Major delays and suspension of certain parts of the underground.

Freezing temperatures with snow the heaviest and worst it’s been in nearly two decades.

Well and good if I had nothing to do for the day. I’d probably stay in, snuggle, then go out and frolic in winter wonderland outside later on. It’s something else when you have to walk to the tube or bus station to get to school.

I imagine this to be akin to the irksome floods during or after heavy downpours there back home. The only difference is, knowing the streets so well, I’d probably find myself a way around the flooded areas.

Here, I don’t have personal means of transport. Snow is everywhere, not just where the drainage and the sewage system are crap. Worst of all, it is literally FREEZING. Arguably, that’s worse than being wet. Maybe not, since with snow, you manage to stay dry. Then again, at least in the Philippines, the temperatures never reach the negatives.

BBC’s Breakfast advises that we forget about the internet today as hopes of getting updates on the transport situation are dashed by the heavy traffic. As expected, since everyone’s eager to find alternatives to their usual routes to school and work.

Friends will have to bear with me. The wonder of seeing snow has yet to wear off. Though right now, I really wish I was at home (and not have to go to school).