Out under the stars in a clear night sky, huddled in a circle before a warm campfire, fall under a spell that only an exquisitely told story can cast. Let the words, sounds and images drift and spirit you away to places real and imagined.

Istoryahan is derived from a Visayan term that means ‘kwentuhan’ or exchange of stories. I created this space to rendezvous fellow students and collaborators I’ve met in my adventures as an educator in a camp where we can all narrate stories sparked from our interaction. A shelter to rest works in for the rest of the world to see. A bivouac where artists and communicators are encouraged to publish and audiences are invited to respond; where creativity takes root and burgeons incessantly. The learning never stops and the storytelling never ends.

Come gather around and listen to these tales. Kindle flames of imagination and allow creativity to burn brighter than sun.