For One Night Only

Date posted on April 14, 2009

Pardon the self-indulgence… Couldn’t resist sharing my dear, dear friend’s wedding to her dear, dear man. Ended up taking loads of pictures (the ones here aren’t even half of it) as an attempt to maximize my one night only visit back home.I’m glad to be part of this celebration. Teta’s the first to wed among theCouncil, and I just couldn’t fathom the idea of not being there to celebrate the happiest day of her life. She kicks off a year of weddings in the barkada… Lex & Pat, and Concep & Dodie, and quite possibly, Joni & Poch within the coming months.

The funnest part was GENUINELY surprising Kristel. I managed to successfully keep my attendance a secret… The sad part was it only made me miss home more. I kept hoping I didn’t have to fly back so soon. Oh, and that yet again, we failed to complete the Council (miss you Jean!).

After the wedding, we left the couple to enjoy consummating their marriage (we’re all pretending it’s their first carnal encounter, hehe)… while the rest of the Council and our entourage continued the celebrations at Red Box. Sabi nga ni Kristel, I went home for her wedding, and karaoke. Haha!

Congrats and best wishes, Aberillas! Teta, I love you so, so much! Thanks to the Council and their better halves. Thanks to my beloved Batch Sherlyn for sleeping over and Norms for watching You Changed My Life (again) with me, and to both for having breakfast with me at Tierra de la Torre. Lex, can’t wait to come back home for you!