Final Call

Date posted on April 26, 2010

1 Day To Go Before DAY ONE

These last three days are whizzing by so quickly I feel like throwing up. Yesterday (Sunday), I had the key members of the production team come over for a lunch meeting here at home. We went through all the departments’ concerns for the last time before we started grinding. I slept late last night so that I’d be up early with little sleep for my meeting with the entire post production team this morning. Together with my Post Production Supervisor, Director of Photography and Producer, we met with the staff from the post production house and the sound people.

After a quick stop at the bank, I dropped off my producer and picked up three of our regularly contracted builders to help my Production Designer in his preparation for tomorrow’s shoot. We went to the location and I gave the PD, Location Manager and Production Manager last minute instructions. It also gave me an opportunity me to brush up on some of my plans for the sequences scheduled for tomorrow and quickly come up with solutions to problems that I just started realizing then. Finally, I went home and wrote in my blog. (More on all of these recent events in my succeeding blogs…)

After the Fuji people come by to hand me the cans of negative for tomorrow, I will go to my bedroom, sink into my mattress and wake up invigorated for my next day’s shoot. That’s why I wanted to have little sleep last night. I wanted to be so tired it would overcome my brain’s penchant for stressful over-thinking. I want to have a good, satisfying visit to the land of nod.

Checking in for the last time!