Emotional Dialysis

Date posted on March 10, 2010

It’s been a few months since I last blogged. My last post, excluding those photo-journals that I uploaded about my travels, was in December. I picked up the pen again because I wanted to document an exciting chapter.

This post proclaims my decision to take on the onerous pursuit of maintaining a blog detailing the progress of my short film.

Funny that upon reaching this milestone, I find myself back in the humid, tropical landscape of my homeland. I arrived in Manila midnight of last Sunday, March 7, 2010, to start the pre-production for my graduation project at LFS.

I am starting this online diary despite my perennial profession of how I find writing extremely laborious as I find two major benefits to be had in doing so.

First, I wanted to make sure that I log everything that happens during the making of the film. For documentation and as an aid to the journal requirement the LFS requires from us before graduation. It will be easier for me to go back to the tedious writing of the journal if the hard part of remembering can been set aside.

The second, more important goal is to give me a virtual scream room to vent anxieties and frustrations I am sure to come across making this film. I haven’t been home for a full week and I’ve already screamed myself hoarse, so I’m quite sure there will be more to come.

Unlike the previous blog that I kept, expect me to be less conscious of my writing here. I imagine the whole process to be like emotional dialysis, where I’ll be able to transfer everything I’m feeling at the moment, without regard for form or judgment from people who might read it.

So if I’m incoherent, offensive, maudlin, self-absorbed, embarrassingly proud, grossly unfair, grammatically gruesome, orthographically negligent or literarily substandard, you will have to pardon me and take it as part of the package. I am aspiring to be a filmmaker after all.