Date posted on November 16, 2006

I was a few meters from home when a friend of mine called me up to tell me they got into an accident somewhere along EDSA. This was last Wednesday ng madaling araw, after we watched the taping of Rockista at Music Museum. I dropped off my driver at home, changed cars, then went straight to where my friends were at. Sherlyn, who was sleeping over at Tierra that night, was kind enough to accompany me.

Eto yung naabutan namen.

Buti na lang, yung dalawang friends ko, dun nakasakay sa upright na kotse. No one was injured, not even the guy whose car was upturned.

This happened at around 3A on Wednesday, on the Pasay bound lane a little after the Buendia MRT station. We jammed the traffic nga e cause they had to squeeze through the 2 remaining fenced bus lanes. News reporters for ABS and GMA arrived to cover the accident. At yung ABS reporter pa, orgmate namen nung college.

It turns out, the guy who was driving the upturned car hit the concrete divisions along EDSA, flipped over, then hit my friend’s car from behind. I’m just glad my friends are okay. And hopefully, the guy will pay for all the damages.